Movement no.6: To Carry a Child

Movement no.6: To Carry a Child

ID:I Galleri, Stockholm
18.09.2009 to 04.10.2009
Performing Pictures takes on the Holy Ones through a series of crafted venerative artfacts. We call them devotional objects, or responsive video-shrines, for a contemporary practice in a timeless world.

Performing Pictures bring to You: Saints, a.k.a. Exemplary Individualities - as we know them through legends and the auxiliary tales of faith. Radiant characters of pious actions that have left their marks in our imaginations as recurrent subjects of artistic depiction. All of them sentenced to stillness; in some cases the subject has been exposed through more than a thousand years of inert fixation! Now is the time to set them free, one by one and motion by motion. This is a process where nouns are replaced with verbs - as well as mention transforms to activity.

First in line is St. Christopher - he who carries the little child over troubled waters. Not only the weight of the world but also of its Creator is put on his shoulders. St. Christopher holds patronage of things related to travel and travelers. Records of him are found in the Golden Legends, a remnant of folk narratology from the Middle Ages.

The exhibition Rörelse no. 6: Att bära att barn (Movement no. 6: To Carry A Child) at ID:I galleri, Tjärhovsgatan 19, Stockholm is open wed-fri 12-18 and sat-sun 12-16 until 4th of October. The installation is a pre-study for the project Transformaciones.

Lars Gerdmar, Swedish icon-painter, wrote at text for the exhibition which can be downloaded here (Swedish only).