Euroaxacan Initiative of Transformative Cultures is about Art & Cultural Economies for Social Change

Ad nos converte

A commission to create a visual narrative for the Swedish Radio International Women's Day concert

Amor es un lugar

Amor es un lugar, se inaugurará el próximo 30 de Marzo a las 12:00hrs en Espacio Zegache, Oaxaca.


An eerie modern fairytale about a new housing cooperative.. A short opera for a tall woman.

workshop at CFMAB

Animación estenopeica - un taller de escultura kinetica con Performing Pictures

Exhibition and bookrelease at CFMAB - Oaxaca

The crossing lines — vertical and horizontal, temporal and spatial, secular and sacred.

Fiesta del EITC - The Homecoming

The two year journey of the EITC project ends in a fiesta in Brussels in end of October 2013.

Dia de los Muertos - STHLM 2013

En workshop där vi bygger ett äkta 'Dia de los Muertos'-altare som visas publikt på Stadsmuséet!

Veneration and Wonder

Journal of Aesthetics & Culture has published a paper by prof. Karin Becker and Geska Brečević

Revelation | Revolution

An art and film project about mischievous saints, recalcitrant Madonnas and a sulky Baby Jesus

Makaronifabriken summer 2014

Visit the newly opened MakaroniFabriken to see Performing Pictures' "Offspring Taking Off"!

Book release: Ta Plats!

First up among this autumn's many book releases is Ta plats! Sept. 3 2014 at Konstfrämjandet.

Dans le cadre de Nuit blanche

The Return of Men That Fall in the windows of a exquisite parisian edifice!

Institut Suedois

Summer in Paris abruptly ended during this night, but men were still falling.
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